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Works in Oil on Wood.

Works from Peter J. Brucklachner.

Friedrich I Barbarossa 19x34 Brucklachner
Friedrich I Herzog von Schwaben 23x34 Brucklachner
Friedrich II auf Thron 18x34 Brucklachner
Friedrich II Einaeugige 25x33 Brucklachner
Heinrich VI 20x34 Brucklachner
Konrad 24x34cm Brucklachner
Konrad III 19x35 Brucklachner
Maske Schild rot 25x31 Brucklachner
Maske Schild weiß 36x30 Brucklachner
Philipp 18x34cm Brucklachner
WB 25x25 Brucklachner
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